• Juan Karlos

You Can't Do Everything You Want To

Now don't get upset, we know that when you work hard, you'll be able to achieve many things. What we want to emphasize is that we need to be smart in our choice of activities. We'll discuss further on that subject matter. The main key here is discipline and patience.

When we are young, we feel like our bodies are immortal and no matter how many times we break our physical bodies, it would heal itself consistently fast. But as we age, we see how those reckless actions pile up together and create problems for us. That's when hidden illnesses emerge.

Take my experience for example. As a kid, I have no control over myself. My scars shall be evidence of my lack of discipline. One situation I always had was when I keep hitting my leg on the stairs because I was not very careful. Many years later as an adult, I was diagnosed to have a bone tumor on the right leg and yes, there's a big probability that the former consecutive trauma on the leg might be the leading cause of it.

We should take control of our body care while we still can use it to the fullest. One piece of advice is to not wear it out more than you are capable of. Learn to rest. Eat nutritious food. Control your appetite. Learn to fit on your proper activities. It is best to talk to an expert, maybe a physician to examine the status of your body, that way you will be advised on what certain activities you ought or ought not to do. If you want to increase your capacity to do the physical stuff, a personal trainer would be your best guide.

As you develop your physical body, you'll be able to do more than you are capable of before.

You might get jealous that other people can do things that you can't. But know that you can get more out of life if you remain patient and disciplined. Remember that a broken leg won't help run the extra mile in life. Be smart and have a healthy living.




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