• Juan Karlos

When Does Staying Under the Sunlight becomes Very Beneficial?

On a very clear day, just by looking up, you can see the giant celestial body that has been providing us with enormous light energy since the beginning of time. When it gets very hot outside, we get irritated, even get mad. If we stay too long under the heat of the sun, we might get some sunburns too or worse, heatstroke. But if we are careful, we can avoid these things. Furthermore, did you know that sunlight can be very essential for our body as well?

We'll talk about how, why, and when the sunlight can benefit us.

We need sunlight first, yes. The sun is a good vitamin D provider. That is why vitamin D is nicknamed "sunshine vitamin," which makes vitamin D from cholesterol when your skin's exposed to sunlight. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun reach cholesterol in the skin cells, supplying the energy required for the production of vitamin D.

Sunlight energizes the T-cells which are central to human immunity. One research indicates that by growing their activity, sunlight specifically stimulates main immune cells. Blue light from both the sun and special lamps is also the safest form of sunlight and does not promote skin cancers.

Science has found that "stripping off in the spring sunlight may be much healthier for people, as second research on vitamin D shows that it decreases their chance of contracting kidney cancer." Dr. Mercola states from a medical point of view that vitamin D lowers the likelihood of multiple types of cancer and improves survival levels after cancer enters a measurable level.

Just to give a fair warning, research shows that lack of sunlight can lead to depression. Sunlight sensitivity is believed to enhance the production of a hormone called serotonin by the brain. Your serotonin levels can dip without sufficient exposure to the sun. Low serotonin levels are associated with an increased risk of seasonally occurring major depression (formerly known as a seasonal affective disorder or SAD).

Now you don't want to get scorch outside just looking for that benefits, do you? You don't need to be. It has been said that the best time you get these benefits is in the early morning sunlight. Evidence indicates access to sunshine in the morning is related to better sleep and wellbeing. Having more light in the morning will make it easier to fall asleep and wake up at your desired hours. Other than that, the sunshine may actually be damaging. Though it may also help us. When the sun is at its height, it is better to stay indoors.

Bottom line is, we need sunlight. There are more benefits to discover. But most importantly, it helps us be more active, calm, and focus. It is free and we need to take advantage of that. Get out of that dark room and shower yourself with that solar energy!




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