• Juan Karlos


The new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease is not just life-threatening, it is also highly contagious. As of today, the USA has recorded over 2 million confirmed cases of the said virus, almost 7 million cases around the world. These numbers are disturbing, what’s more, is that there is no known cure yet. That too should be enough to alarm us and make us be more aware.

This is why we are always reminded to stay at home or keep a distance from people when we go outside. If shopping in the grocery store, working at the workplace, or meeting with family around the table, our everyday lives require encounters with strangers. It’s important that we analyze any contact during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak to decide whether it's necessary and effective. Simply stated, even though you're not susceptible to the flu or ill, we need to exercise social distancing.

Base on general statistics in many countries, the spread of the virus has been lessening as the government implemented strict measures regarding social distancing. The strict measures include postponing large gatherings such as going to school, birthday parties, and even church meetings. As sad as it is that we had to miss the special celebrations that had already been part of our life, we need to be very vigilant in keeping ourselves safe from the virus.

Fortunately, living in modern times allows us to access several technologies that made distance socialization possible. For those who do not have the luxury of those things, guidelines, and assistance were prepared to help them with their daily lives.

You can be the means of saving not just yourself but those around you especially your own family. As you observe social distancing and keeping yourself protected, you are helping ease the spread of this deadly virus.




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