• Juan Karlos

Cough and sneeze. Etiquette Manual.

Updated: Jun 6

We were thought about how to handle our diseases properly in public, even before this pandemic coronavirus blows up really big. This covers whether we would be hacking or sneezing while we feel like it. Because this pandemic forces us to wear a mask all the time, somehow we have protection, at least. But taking additional measures could not only save you but also be the means to save others. So we'll take you to proper etiquette when coughing or sneezing and we'll let you know why. First, NEVER forget to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, despite wearing a mask. You should ideally use your elbow. Though the mask has protective power, we cannot deny the fact that some substances could probably go through. So, to maximize containment it is best to cover your mouth. Also, a reminder that the virus or bacteria may be propelled into the air or across the room, which may cause others to become ill.

Using paper tissue is safer than using a towel to mask the sneeze or cough. A handkerchief may be a perfect spot for the germ to permutate and not be a smart thing to cart it around. The tissue, however, if properly disposed of, may help deter the germs from spreading.

Finally, while you have these stuff to protect yourself when you coughing or sneezing, it is better not to meet other people. Ultimately, use the hand sanitizers or quickly wash your face!

One should not be ashamed of being self-aware. More than vulnerability it reveals power. You can make the world a little better if you do your best.




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